On April 7th 2016, during the launch of the Electrocoup F3015 shears, Daniel DELMAS inaugurated the roundabout at the entrance of the village were he was born. A statue of a pair of shears has been installed in the middle of the roundabout, opposite the company, making Cahuzac sur Vère the World capital of the electric shears. At the base of the statue is a plaque bearing the inscription “CAHUZAC SUR VERE:  INVENTION OF THE 1st ELECTRIC SHEARS IN 1984”

The statue was created by a forged art specialist from Cahuzac, José MARQUES, who was M. DELMAS’s first employee when the company was created.

This is how the village has honoured one of its son who has always contributed to its economic growth and its local activity. Many local politicians were present to celebrate this event. The entire staff, which was at the origin of this initiative, was present and praised the accomplishment of this project to promote the village of Cahuzac sur Vère.

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