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  • Fast and effective: All repairs take priority. Our goal is 24-hour turnaround on any non-battery repair and 48-hours for battery-related issues. 
  • Loaners Available: In many cases we ship loaner shears to clients when a repair takes longer than anticipated.
  • Return shipping: Costs are paid by Infaco (on condition that Annual Maintenance was carried out).
  • Access to our factory-trained technician year-round from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Livreur INFACO


  • We propose a fixed price for servicing in our factory at the end of each pruning season.
  • If this servicing is carried out, the guarantee can be extended to the 2 first pruning seasons. To do this, the fixed price servicing must be carried out immediately after the first pruning seasons.
  • The shears are directly picked up from the INFACO dealers by our logistics department and are shipped to the factory (Tarn region of France).
  • They are then taken apart, cleaned, checked, reassembled and returned to the dealers as quickly as possible.
  • INFACO factory servicing significantly reduces the risks of faults during the next pruning season.

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