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Hy's Cider Mill, MI

My name is Jim Goldstein from Hy’s Cider Mill in Romeo, Michigan. We purchased a pair of pruners about 10 years ago and have been using them ever since.

We currently own 6 pair of F3010 with 3 being medium heads, which has greatly improved our productivity in our orchard. We can make large cuts in our apple trees and speed up pruning with less fatigue.  

I have received the same response from the people I have recommended the pruners to.


Jim Goldstein

SPINETTA Family Vineyards, CA

Our vineyards are in Shenandoah Valley, Amador County, California. We are happy with the shears that we purchased from you.

It cuts our Zinfandel grapevines much better than we could purely manually.

It’s easy to gather the canes with the left hand while pruning with the right hand.

Sheldon HAYNIE, CA

We purchased the Electrocoup F3010 system to enable sustained pruning by our small winery’s aged staff.So far it’s been an excellent tool, enabling a 55 yr old sedentary “owner” to prune an acre in less than 8 hrs.

Battery life is excellent, and the shears cut through anything ~1 1/2 in (40mm) with ease. The safety system, (conductive glove) works well, and is non obtrusive once you figure out how to route the wire to avoid picking up canes that you toss overhead.

You will want to buy the holster or use an electric drill holster on the belt to enable you to carry the whole rig easily with hands free.

MALBERT Dominique ( Viticulture, Midi-PyrénéesFrance ) , le 2016-04-12

We were delighted that INFACO asked us to test their future ELECTROCOUP model.

We were presented the new prototypes for the 2013/2014 season and we were immediately won over by the mini-battery concept

After having used the prototypes throughout the 2014/2015 season, we proposed some changes that the design office took into consideration. Indeed, for the following season, everything we had pointed out had been altered, making the tool easier to use

For the 2015/2016 season we worked using F3015 pre-series shears and it was a delight

INFACO asked us to revert back to the F3010 for a few days to compare the two models. The difference surprised us. We liked the old F3010 and before testing the F3015 we were convinced that it would be difficult to do better.

Personally, I was happy to go back to using the new F3015 model as soon as I could.  This is the undisputed proof of the improvements on this tool. The improvements can be felt in the speed, power, precision of the progressiveness and the grip on the tool, as well as in the working comfort with the mini battery.

We are happy to have contributed something to the creation of these new shears. We are sure all users will appreciate this new F3015 model as we do.

MALBERT Dominique (Viticultura, Midi-Pyrénées France)

BARREAU Sylvain ( Viticulture, Midi-Pyrénées France ) , le 2016-04-12

I was asked to test the new ELECTROCOUP F3015 during the 2 last pruning seasons.

Since 2010 I had been using an F3010 which I was very happy with.

I must admit that at the start I was doubtful of finding better than the F3010.

I very quickly got used to this new tool. The progressive cuts are even better, but the three things that especially surprised me were the speed, the power and the comfort of the small battery (I almost had no jamming cuts using this new model).

The battery lasts for the full announced 9 hours. Furthermore, I even tested the tool until the battery was completely flat. Over two days I managed 14 hours without recharging (when pruning the grapevines). After more than a month pruning using the F3015, I went back to the F3010 for a few days... it was strange.

Even though I was an unconditional fan of the F3010 before testing the F3015, all I have left to do now is to upgrade, as they say “trying it is adopting it!”

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Montage kit sur F3010


Montage kit sur F3010


Montage kit sur F3010