INFACO - The company

1985    Golden palm Award for Best Innovation at Sitevi (France) for the first Electric Pruning ShearAffiche Infaco sur batiment
1987  Innovation price at Sitevi (France) for the Maxicoup LopperAffiche Infaco sur batiment
2006   First price at the SIVAL Viticultural show (France) for our Extension Pole Trigger SystemAffiche Infaco sur batiment
2006   Entrepreneur of the Year by the magazine L’Express. (France west region category)Affiche Infaco sur batiment
2010  Bronze award at Vinitech (France) for the Electrocoup F3010 modelAffiche Infaco sur batiment
2012  INFACO’s New De-suckering Machine Wins Golden Award at World’s Largest Viticulture ExpoAffiche Infaco sur batiment
2013   Best Entrepreneur Company of the YearAffiche Infaco sur batiment
2013   Ranking 20 at the most successful independant companies in France by the Groupe L’ExpressAffiche Infaco sur batiment
2014 INFACO’s New Safety glove system Wins 2nd place at Switzerland Largest Viticulture ExpoAffiche Infaco sur batiment
2014  INFACO’s New Safety glove system Wins 1st price at SIVAL expo (France)Affiche Infaco sur batiment
2014  First price at the Agriumbria Show (Italy) for the Safety Glove SystemAffiche Infaco sur batiment
2016  Innovation price at the EIMA internationnal exhibition in Bologna (ITALY) for the Electrocoup F3015 model                        EIMA Internationnal 2016
2016 Innovation price at INTERVITIS exhibition in Stuttgart (GERMANY) for the Electrocoup F3015 model                        Innovation price INTERVITIS exhibition
2016 Innovation price at DIONYSUD exhibition in Béziers (FRANCE) for the Electrocoup F3015 model                       Innovation price Dionysud exhibition