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Discover 8th generation of pruning shears


48 volt electric sharpener 


Thanks to its 3-pad connection, the new A48v3 electric sharpener is now with batteries of all ELECTROCOUP models F3005 – F3010 – F3015.
It allows you to save significant time on daily sharpening.

Optimize your blades for a higher yield from your ELECTROCOUP with the A48V3
The sharpener can be plugged directly into the 48-volt battery to sharpen your blades making it portable and easy to carry..

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Technical specifications

All specifications for our machines are given for informational purposes, they are never contractually binding and may be changed.
Sharpener weight 0.77 lbs
Rotation speed 6000 rpm
Mandrel diameter 3 mm /0.11''
Voltage 48 Vcc
Accessories shipped with the machine Abrasive band, flap wheel, cutting discs




Like its predecessor, the F3015 can be used with any of its cutting heads on any of Infaco’s carbon fiber extension poles.
The F3015 easily snaps into any of the fixed or telescopic extension poles ranging between 47’’ to 11’5’’, giving a cutting reach of up to 16.5 ft above the ground.
The pruning shear is controlled by a micro switch housed in a sliding handle on the carbon fiber tube.
The shears can be operated by the user with a single cable between the battery and the pole.
Trigger control information is directly centralized by an electronic micro-card housed in the pole.
The tool’s versatility will be appreciated by users doing large cuts or overhead work

Perche télescopique

P8T120 - 47'' - 2.4 lbs 
P8T210 - 6' 10'' - 3.3 lbs

Perche fixe

P8F120 - 47'' - 1,5 lbs 
P8F210 - 6' 10'' - 2.2 lbs


Innovation système de commande mobile

SAFETY option:

User safety has always been a major priority for INFACO. To date, INFACO remains the only electric shears manufacturer to offer an electronic injury prevention system
Special research and time is devoted each year to the development of this patented system. It can be used only with the ELECTROCOUP electronic shears.
It consists of a special conductive safety glove, connected to a DSES (Extra Electronic Safety System) specific helix cable.
Wearing the glove connected to the DSES electronic system increases the user’s safety and thus reduces the risk of injury
As soon as the cutting head and the conductive glove come in contact with each other, blade closing is immediately stopped and the blade returns to the open position, thus reducing the risk of an accident.
Unlike reinforced or metal-chain gloves, the special DSES gloves are less cumbersome thus ensuring high dexterity and comfort to make work easier.
The DSES system has been certified by CTC, an organization authorized by the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Health*. * (1) CTC authorized by a decree from the French Ministry of Labour, Employment and Health, dated 12/20/2010 N° 0075, published in JOCE (Official Journal of the European Community), attributes: CE type examination certificate N°0075/1702/162/11/12/0903


the glove must be connected to a DSES F3015 specific helix cable.

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