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Discover the 8th generation of pruning shears

Interchangeable Cutting Heads - 3 TOOLS IN 1

Change the cutting head simply, by yourself, depending on your needs.

F3015 Standard kit

To be used on wood up to 40mm / 1.57''

Ideal for cutting vines and can be adapted for certain applications in tree pruning.
This kit has the best
ratio between cutting rate and

Electrocoup kit light

F3015 Medium kit

To be used on wood
up to 45mm / 1.77

With the Medium kit, increase the cutting
capacity of your tool without sacrificing
specially designed for tree lopping, forestry work and parks & gardens.
working speed.
Specially designed for cutting small to medium sized branches
Ideal for use in orchards, parks, and forestry work

Electrocoup kit light

F3015 Maxi kit

To be used on wood up to 55mm / 2.17

Specially designed for cutting medium to large size branches Ideal for coppicing vines and transforming fruit trees.
The Maxi kit will give your F3015 unrivalled cutting power and capacity.

Electrocoup kit light

Technical specifications

  Standard KitMedium KitMaxi Kit  
Pruning shear weight
 1.74 lbs1.89 lbs2.79 lbs  
Blade opening (mm)  60  mm / 2.36 ''70 mm / 2.76 ''100 mm 3.94 ''  
Cutting capacity (mm)   40 mm / 1.57 ''45 mm / 1.77 ''55 mm /2.17 ''  

Garlic F3010

The F3010 for garlic growers.

INFACO has created the Garlic Kit, a revolution for garlic growers.
Designed in collaboration with specialists in the sector, this new cutting head is adapted to the ELECTROCOUP F3010 electric secateurs and fitted with the DSES system to improve working conditions for all agricultural workers and increase their output. Apart from the human aspect, the Garlic Kit comes with a blade that is perfectly adapted to uprooting garlic and offers a much cleaner cut.

Electrocoup kit light

Hoof Trimming Kit

The F3010 for goat and sheep breeders.

Once or twice a year, preferably after sheep and goats have spent a few days out to grass, their hooves have to be trimmed. Removing the excess horn to keep the animals firmly on their feet and help them fight against foot rot is a vital but laborious task that requires dexterity, strength and patience.
The F3010 hoof kit is designed to trim hooves with less effort on the breeder’s part. It does the job quickly and accurately, thereby reducing the stress on the animal during this operation. In addition, the Electrocoup F3010’s progressive approach means that if offers great precision and limits the risk of injury to the animal.

Electrocoup kit light

Technical specifications

  Garlic's kitHooves shears Kit   
F3010 pruning shear weight   1.86 lbs1.81 lbs   
Maximum blade opening (mm)
 62 mm / 2.44 ''60 mm 2.36 ''   
Cutting capacity (mm)
 42 mm / 1.65 ''40 mm 1.57 ''