After Sale

Annual Maintenance

Please download our Annual Maintenance Form and be sure to note the date you would like your shears ready by so that we can best serve you. 

Sending in your tool for Annual Maintenance:

  • Do send: Annual Maintenance Form, tool, charger, battery, cables, control box (for older models)
  • Do not send: battery belts, vests, gloves, grease, other personal items
  • How to Ship: We recommend shipping items in their original red or black case and putting that inside of a cardboard box. For any tool using our small, black lithium-ion battery (sold with our F3015 shears and 48V tying machines) we also recommend:
  • Run a hibernation cycle before shippment so the battery is not fully charged while in transit
  • Make sure the battery can't move. If you have the F3015, the battery has its own dedicated spot within the case to nestle it in to.
  • Make sure you properly label the box. Our handy shipping document will help you!


Please include this completed form with each tool that you send in for repair. All of our repair centers are equipped for Electrocoup repairs. Please call us at 925-371-0796 if you have questions or have another tool that you need repaired.
Repair Form