DSES Safety Glove

DSES Safety Glove: To eliminate all fears of hand injuries, workers can wear this cotton glove interwoven with metal fibers – when the glove is touched to any metal part of the Electrocoup – such as the shear’s blade – the blades won’t budge. With the safety glove on one hand and the Electrocoup in the other, workers move swiftly through the rows, grabbing canes, and pruning with confidence without fatigue.

Size 10 is the most common size that we sell but to get the most accurate size for your hand, please print out our 1-page glove scale (do not print by scaling it to size the page). The fit is intended to be a bit snug as the glove will stretch and having loose finger tips is not ideal.


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10, 11, 7, 8, 9


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