F3015 Lithium Battery

This listing is for 1 lithium-ion battery and is perfect either as an add on to your existing set as a back up battery or to get additional time out in the field when using tools from our PW2 line that draw more power.


This battery’s storage cells have been selected for their reliability over time and capacity to deliver intense current. The battery features a built-in electronic management system and cell protection (BMS) all inside an impact-resistant case. The included charger also re-balances cells each time a full charge cycle is completed and features a hibernation mode that automatically optimizes batteries for long-term storage during the off season.


Weight: 1.8 lbs.
Charge Time: 1.5 hrs
Volts: 48
Watt Hours: 120
Autonomy: 9 hrs depending on use and storage conditions
Works with: F3015, PW2, and 48V A3Mv2.0
Warranty: 5 year pro-rated battery guarantee. See guarantee terms and conditions in the user guide.


Availability: In Stock
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