Olive Harvesting Kit

This kit includes everything you need to get started harvesting olives: 1 base with olive harvesting attachment + battery pack.


About the Olive Harvester
Infaco’s unique olive harvester heads harvest 3 times faster compared to hand harvesting. No matter which olive harvesting attachment you select, the head will feature Infaco’s patented elliptical movement and carbon fingers. This reduces damage to the plant and reduces the alternate bearing phenomenon. The elliptical movement ensures that olives fall directly down into nets instead of being flung far away making harvest easier, faster, and decreasing waste. Select from 3 different harvester lengths below.


About the Battery Set

This kit comes with a battery set featuring 2 chargers, 1 battery belt/vest, and 4 lithium-ion batteries that are incredibly light and fast charging.


WeightCharge timeAutonomy
1.8 lbs90% charge – 60 min.
100% charge – 90 min.
2-3 hours


- +

Long Fixed-length (98.5"), Short Fixed-length (86.5"), Telescopic (86.5-110")

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