Orchard Quick Start Kit

This kit includes everything you need to get started pruning in an orchard: 1 Electrocoup F3015 pruning shear with a medium head + 1 telescoping extension pole.

About the Medium Shear

Infaco’s Electrocoup F3015 battery-powered pruning shear with medium head helps growers prune faster than hand pruning and also works with any of our carbon-fiber extension poles. The F3015 with medium head is perfect for:

  • Nut growers
  • Fruit orchards
  • Olive growers
  • Tree maintenance for landscapers, municipalities, forestry service, etc.

About the Extension Pole

The 47″-74″ telescoping extension pole is our most popular length for customers pruning olives, orchards, nuts, and trees. This telescopic carbon fiber extension pole allows users to prune 4ft to 10ft off of the ground without ever setting foot on a ladder and features a sliding mobile trigger that provides the most comfortable pruning experience possible.

  • Pruning Shear Set: Includes F3015 shear with 1.77″ (45mm) cutting capacity, charger, battery, and battery belt/vest, holster, grease, grease gun, necessary cables, sharpening stone, multifunctional tool, and users guides in both English and Spanish. see more
  • Extension Pole: Includes one telescoping extension pole (47″ – 6’2″) see more


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