PW2 Fixed-Length Olive Harvester Rake

3 x faster than hand-harvesting


Infaco’s unique olive harvester heads optimize olive harvest.This Fixed-length olive harvesting attachment should be used with PW2 6-in-1 base.

  • Elliptical movement of the carbon fingers does not damage the plant and reduces the alternate bearing phenomenon.
  • Olives fall directly down into nets instead of being flung far away thanks to the elliptical movement – this makes harvest easier, faster, and decreases waste. See netting recommendations and strategies.
  • More comfortable to use compared to combustion engine harvesters which are heavy, noisy and polluting. Vibrations are minimal for users.


PW2 Olive Harvester Attachments

(part #)
86.5″ Fixed Length
98.5″ Fixed Length
86.5″-102″ Telescopic
Weight6 lbs6.3 lbs7.6 lbs
Speed10 speed levels – comes pre-programmed to 1150 rotations/minute


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