Set with 1 Lithium-ion Battery

This set includes 1 ultra compact lithium-ion battery, 1 battery belt with optional straps to convert it to a vest, and 1 charger all inside a red carrying case perfect for storage.


This battery’s storage cells have been selected for their reliability over time and capacity to deliver intense current. The battery features a built-in electronic management system and cell protection (BMS) all inside an impact-resistant case. The included charger also re-balances cells each time a full charge cycle is completed and features a hibernation mode that automatically optimizes batteries for long-term storage during the off season.


Battery Weight: 1.8 lbs.
Charge Time: 1.5 hrs
Volts: 48
Watt Hours: 120
Autonomy: 9 hrs depending on use and storage conditions
Works with: F3015, PW2, and 48V A3Mv2.0
Warranty: 5 year pro-rated battery guarantee. See guarantee terms and conditions in the user guide.


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