Telescopic Olive Harvester Set

This kit features our most popular tools for harvesting olives: 1 motorized base with our telescopic olive harvesting attachment.

About the Olive Harvester
Infaco’s unique olive harvester heads harvest 3 times faster compared to hand harvesting. No matter which olive harvesting attachment you select, the head will feature Infaco’s patented elliptical movement and carbon fingers. This reduces damage to the plant and reduces the alternate bearing phenomenon. The elliptical movement ensures that olives fall directly down into nets instead of being flung far away making harvest easier, faster, and decreasing waste. Select from 3 different harvester lengths below.


Battery Options

This kit does not come with a battery set. Below are typical battery sets used for olive harvesting. If you’re unsure of what battery set to order, call us at 1-800-425-8809 for a personalized recommendation – be prepared to talk about how long your crew works, access to power on-site, and your crew’s personal preferences!

Part#VoltageWatt Hours per batteryWeight per battery# of Batteries


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Long Fixed-length (98.5"), Short Fixed-length (86.5"), Telescopic (86.5-110")

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