Vineyard Quick Start Kit

This kit includes everything you need to get started pruning and cane tying with a 1-30 acre vineyard: 1 Electrocoup F3015 pruning shear with our patented safety system + 1 companion tying gun with wire.

About the Shear & Safety System
The Electrocoup F3015 battery-powered pruning shear increases vineyard pruning productivity by 25% and reduces repetitive motion injuries. To eliminate all fears of hand injuries, this kit includes a cotton glove interwoven with metal fibers that plugs into the same battery as the shear – when the glove touches the blade, the system is grounded out and the blades won’t budge.

About the Tying Machine
The A3Mv2.0 is an electric tying tool that goes 3x faster than hand tying and works off the same battery and charger as the pruning shear. This machine is highly versatile for single or double Guyot or bowed vine training. Thanks to its wide mouth, the machine can also be used to tie up drip-line irrigation. Tying time is less than 0.4 seconds.

Pruning Shear Set: Includes F3015 shear with 1.57″ (40mm) cutting capacity, charger, battery, and battery belt/vest, holster, grease, grease gun, necessary cables, sharpening stone, multifunctional tool, and users guides in both English and Spanish. See More

Safety System: Includes safety system cable and 1 glove. We’ll contact you to determine the right size glove for you See More

Tying Machine Set: Includes tying gun, holster, lubricant, wire cutter, hex wrench, and user’s guides in Spanish & English. See More

Wire: One box of 30 rolls of wire (15,000-30,000 ties depending on wire gauge). We’ll contact you to determine the right gauge for your needs See More


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